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Expat Tips and Resources For Successful Living, Work and Retirement in Thailand

The smart farang's survival kit for carefree times in exotic Siam EVERY westerner has his own private reason for moving to Thailand. A young backpacker in search of adventure, a yuppie thirty-something couple with an eye for a business opportunity. A corporate transfer for a high-powered executive.

Or perhaps you're a retrenched baby boomer looking for his second childhood, a long-suffering trailing spouse, a sex-starved bachelor seeking the raunchy nightlife, a lonely divorcee longing for a new relationship, a retired senior seeking to unwind and enjoy his leisure years.

Whatever your reason for moving to this tropical Land of Smiles, one thing is for sure. . . you've come to the right place to get expat tips and resources for successful living in Thailand and the Far East.

At Last! Advice That Really Works For New Expats

Whether you are facing a transfer with your job, relocating here for fun and adventure, the girls and nightlife, planning an extended vacation or business trip, or just dreaming of retiring in Thailand some day, reading our "Fabulous Far East" ezine is essential for newbie expats and anyone thinking of relocating to Thailand and the Far East.

You will find exclusive news articles, reports and updates, tips and info for successful living in Thailand, compiled and edited by professional writers and qualified expat contributors.

And it's absolutely free!

Accurate up-to-date info for new expats
that you just won't find anywhere else

Get a FREE subscription to our monthly Fabulous Far East ezine, your essential expat guide to successful living in Thailand and exotic Asia.

It's crammed with useful original info for newbie expats and folks planning to work or retire here. Best of all, it's written from a personal viewpoint, based on our experiences and research over many years living here.

Get your Fabulous Far East ezine right now, using the handy online form below. It's totally spam free, your privacy is protected and you can unsubscribe instantly with one mouse click.

How to Travel for FREE in the Exotic Orient

Ever dream of traveling for FREE to exciting, tropical places like Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and other exotic south-east Asian destinations?

Or living abroad in the mysterious Far East with a steady income? Without having to teach English or rely on some paltry retirement pension to survive.

This DVD video shows you how. Definitely the video you'll want to see before you even think about traveling to Thailand and the Far East. Anyone can do it. "Broadcast quality, highly recommended." More info

Retire Early And Escape To An Island Paradise

So you are sick of the harsh winters, high taxes and soaring cost of living. Perhaps a dead end job, or making do on a paltry pension.

Why put up with it any longer?

When you can live well on very little money in the exotic Orient, with a warm climate all year round. Where the day-to-day expenses are low and the living is easy.

Discover an easy lifestyle, warm climate, low cost of living and new friends -- perhaps even that special soulmate -- in a tropical Far East paradise far from the tourist hordes.

Have a wonderful day . . . and happy adventures in Thailand!

Best wishes from
Robert Townes
Publisher and CEO

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