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Although primarily known for its cheap hotels, nightlife, bars, and thousands of girls Pattaya, Thailand has A LOT more to offer.

And for many, is an IDEAL city to live!

Reasonable housing costs, inexpensive food, and a roaring 24-hour nightlife are three compelling reasons.

Add in mostly SUNNY weather, a large English speaking populace, thus discovering your home in Pattaya is easy!

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Here's some answers you'll find on this site and in the newsletter...

Monthly budget (How much do you need to live in Pattaya?)

Real Estate (Rent, buy, stay in a hotel Pattya?)

Transportation (Car, motor bike, or walk?)

Essential Thai words (Three essential phrases!)

Jobs (Can I earn a living?)

Recreation (What is there to do, besides beach, nightlife?)

Health (Is it 'safe' to see a doctor?)

Pattaya News (links to FIVE English publications)

Maps (Pattaya and Jomtien maps)

Schools (K-12 private schools around Pattaya)

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