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Retirement in Thailand - The Basics
By:Belle Baldoza

Most people have mixed feelings about the concept of retirement. Some view it as the end of an adult phase focused on work and acquisitions, while others may see it as a form of emancipation from the troubles of the day-to-day corporate grind. These days, retirement is taking on a new face with a more positive outlook, as many options are made available to make life for retirees an enjoyable one, filled with the promise of new and meaningful discoveries.

With its picturesque landscapes, terrific weather, and a unique culture, Thailand is fast becoming a popular place for retirement. Apart from these advantages, the country offers a host of excellent healthcare options and a low cost of living complemented by possible investment opportunities. Moreover, Thailand makes retirement for expatriates easier with the convenience of a Thai Retirement Visa.


The Thai Retirement Visa allows you to stay in the Land of Smiles for a year and can be extended each year after that. You will only need to verify your current address with Thai Immigration every 90 days. You may also be able to ship your personal items to Thailand tax-free within six months of obtaining this kind of visa.


If you are aged 50 years old and above, have a bank account containing the equivalent of 800,000 baht or receiving a monthly pension equivalent to at least 65,000 baht, then you are eligible to apply for a Thai Retirement Visa. You may also combine the amounts in your bank account and monthly pension if you are not able to meet the minimum requirements for each.

It will be best to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa prior to your arrival in Thailand to obtain the Retirement Visa, as you will need to process requirements and open a Thai bank account that would contain the proof of meeting the financial requirement for this visa. You will also need to obtain a Health Certificate and a Police Record prior to your arrival in the country.


When applying for your Retirement Visa, it is recommended that you retain the services of an efficient Thai law firm to help you with the process, in order for you to save time arranging the necessary paperwork along with other requirements. Apart from this, engaging a Thai law firm can help you obtain quality legal advice regarding your other concerns during your stay in Thailand, such as investing in property among other matters.


One can definitely look forward to retirement in Thailand with all its advantages and opportunities to begin a new chapter in life. However, it is best that you are well-informed of the qualifications and requirements for obtaining a Thai Retirement Visa. It is best to seek the services of a reputable Thai law firm to assist you with the process of your application.

Belle Baldoza works as a Business Correspondent for Siam Legal International, Thailand's largest legal service network with offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Samui. The firm has international locations in London and Los Angeles. Siam Legal is a full-service law firm and provides a wide range of legal and visa services. Visit Siam Legal on the web at

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